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Facial Cleansing Oil - 4 Oz.

Facial Cleansing Oil - 4 Oz.

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This hand crafted and specially infused all-natural oil blend was created to gently cleanse your face and neck by dissolving everyday build-up without leaving your skin tight or dry.  It leaves the skin cleansed, hydrated, brighter and glowing.

All the Love Your Skin Needs!

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  • Why we're unique

    AG Naturals products are hand crafted with unique and customized blends of all natural and essential oils created to nourish and treat all skin types. It leaves the skin feeling cleansed, hydrated, brighter and glowing.… All the Love Your Skin Needs.

    We Hand Craft Small Batches with Care

    • All Natural & Essential Oils                            

    • Plant-Based         


  • Benefits

    Sunflower Oil - Antioxidant properties help in preventing premature signs of aging

    Castor Oil- Promotes collagen and elasticity

    Rose Hip Oil- Helps treats scars, acne, and sun-damage skin

    Argan Oil-Helps to regulate sebum (oil from your skin) production

    Vitamin E-Improves hydration and improves skin texture

    Coco Caprylate- Naturally-based emollient for skin care

    Helichrysum- Treats scars, wrinkles, and acne

    Neroli- Repairs & rejuvenates skin – for wrinkles and scars

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